MaaPurnagiriMahilaMandal emphasizes on a holistic development of the society with special attention to the disadvantaged sections. The main focus area of organization intervention is:.


In our day to day life we hear the plight of our farmers and it is about time that we act upon it, Maa Purnagiri Mahila Mandal has decided to bring the change. We hope that our continuous efforts touches the lives of many. At Maa Purnagiri Mahila Mandal we work for India's 70% of rural population who still are dependent on agriculture for their livelihood.Maa Purnagiri Mahila Mandal actively runs a farmer's support Centre, where we educate farmers on various Government schemes meant for the benefit of the farmers and rural population.We also encourage organic farming practices and safe farming methods.Maa Purnagiri Mahila Mandal, also plans to educate the farming population with all modern techniques in farming interwoven with the traditional farming methods and techniques. Apart from this we work in coordination with the farmers to develop a safe and sustainable farming method which will not only benefit the farmer but will also bear fruits for nature.